The choreography studio "Aušrelė" added three first places to its portfolio of achievements

May 13 The republican ballet and modern dance competition "Dance unites us 2023" was held in the cultural center of the Plungė district municipality.

A large team of the Šiauliai Cultural Center's choreography studio "Aušrelė" (art director Mindaugas Kosaitis, assistant art director Vita Adomėnaitė-Butnorienė, cultural activities manager Zita Mundinienė) participated in the competition - three age groups who won as many as three first places.

The purpose of the Republican Ballet and Contemporary Dance Competition "Dance Connects Us 2023" is to nurture the art of dance, which encourages the improvement of classical (ballet), modern, contemporary, character dance skills, choreographic, musical, aesthetic knowledge, and also aims to form and develop stage and public culture, to encourage the public to participate in the dissemination of art and culture.

The competent committee of the competition evaluated the performances of the participants for the artistic presentation of the dance, artistry, dance idea, performance technique, professionalism, use of classical dance elements, compatibility of music and dance, synchronicity of dance and movement, stage costumes. 

In total, the competition brought together almost 100 participants from Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai and Plungė. 

The delegation of the Šiauliai Cultural Center had the opportunity to meet new groups, share dance experience and professionalism. It is expected that the team will continue to nurture the traditions of professional dance events, communication and cooperation between teams.

Mindaugo Kosaičio photo.

Atnaujinta: 2023-05-16 16:07