The cycle of initiatives "Meeting place – Resurrection Square" has started in Šiauliai

The 1st of July, the International Day of Architects, in Šiauliai was commemorated with the opening of the cycle of initiatives “Meeting Place – Resurrection Square”. After raising the flag of Šiauliai city in the Resurrection Square, the square was officially opened for cycle activities.

Throughout the day, various initiatives were carried out in the square: there were children's entertainment area, a cinema and a lecture, live music and other activities that brought Šiauliai residents to get acquainted with the renewed space.

It is planned that in the summer the square will be filled with various entertainment: artistic, documentary and animated films will be shown, artistic installations and sculptures by professional artists will decorate the space and other initiatives of Šiauliai Culture Centre and other institutions will be organized.

Atnaujinta: 2020-08-13 10:58