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About Šiauliai Culture Centre

Šiauliai Culture Centre is the organization providing various cultural services for Šiauliai citizens. The Centre creates favorable conditions which allows residents to participate in the cultural events and for each citizen to express oneself and actualize one‘s cultural and leisure needs.The activities of Culture Centre are broad and diverse: it develops and coordinates the activities of amateur art groups, aims to preserve and promotes ethnic culture, creates conditions for citizens to get acquainted with Lithuanian and foreign performers and implements a variety of other paid services.

16 different amateur art groups, studios and clubs function at Šauliai Culture Centre. They all actively participate in various celebrations and events which are organized in both Šiauliai city and district and promote the city and whole country of Lithuania in various national and foreign festivals and contests. Three of Centre‘s amateur art groups were awarded with a "Golden Bird" which is the highest nomination given by Lithuanian Folk Culture Centre.

Šiauliai Culture Centre has one department. Rėkyva Department organizes cultural activities in Rėkyva and city‘s events near Rėkyva lake.

In 2003 Šiauliai Culture Centre has won "The Best Cultural Centre" award for active and significant activities.

In order to preserve important national historical facts, Šiauliai Culture Centre organizes events of public holiday celebrations and commemorations of significant historical events. The Centre also organizes traditional Lithuanian festivities and folklore festivals which preserve and promote old lithuanian cultural traditions. Šiauliai Culture Centre is also the main organizer of Šiauliai birthday festival “Šiauliai Days“, which unites both city‘s cultural and educational organizations for common purpose.

The aim of Šiauliai Culture Centre is to fulfill the citizens cultural needs and to encourage sociability and cultural activities.


Establishment and development of Šiauliai Culture Centre

Šiauliai Culture Centre, then Šiauliai City Culture Home, started to develop its activities in 1898. Initially, it did not have its own building and was housed in the then "Šviesa" cinema (People's Home), the city library and the premises of the "Verpstas" factory, but from the very beginning of its existence it developed active cultural activities.

In 1946 Šiauliai City Culture Home was established in the former People's Home. The artistic life developed and expanded here, the circle of cultural people increased: drama groups, folk dance circles, choirs, orchestras and other clubs have been organized.

In 1958 the Council of Ministers of the Lithuanian SSR gave its consent for the construction of new building for Šiauliai City Culture Home. In 1962 the new Šiauliai City Culture Home opened its doors. Since the beginning of the opening, events have been organized here every year and cultural activities have continued to grow rapidly.

In 1973 Šiauliai City Culture Home was named Šiauliai City Culture Palace and in 1990 it was reorganized into Šiauliai City Leisure Centre.

In 1992 Šiauliai State Recreation Park and Šiauliai City Leisure Centre became a joint cultural institution which was called Šiauliai City Culture Centre.

In 2008 Šiauliai City Culture Centre was reorganized into Šiauliai Culture Centre and Šiauliai City Concert Hall.



A space for continuity of Culture centres’ traditions and for cultural, educational, social initiatives and innovations

Šiauliai Culture Centre develops cultural, artistic, educational and informational activities, creates non-formal education, art and entertainment programmes, preserves and promotes ethnic culture and amateur art, initiates, organizes and implements cultural and art projects, engages in the dissemination of professional art, educates, satisfies cultural needs of the community and ensures creative self-expression.


Leader of culture centres of Northern Lithuania

  • One of the most visited culture centres of Lithuania.
  • The number of visitors is 300 000 (including 130 000 visitors to indoor events) per year.
  • Most active supporter of amateur art groups in the region.
  • Distinguished by a variety of quality events and activities. 
  • Intensively working with international cultural exchange program.
  • Working flexibly in different spaces and situations.
  • Appealing to employees, the public and the environment.



  • Dynamism and openness to change.
  • Initiatives and new solutions.
  • The pursuit of learning.

Ethics and loyalty

  • Observance and fostering of traditions.
  • Respect for visitors and colleagues.
  • Representation of organization.
  • Improving of the organization’s image.

Professionalism and competence

  • Work done efficiently, quickly and with high quality.
  • Improvement of professional skills and work processes.
  • Flexible solutions.
  • The principle of integrity.
  • Analysis of the activities of the organization and its work.

Cooperation and responsibility

  • Responsible decision making.
  • Teamwork.
  • Pursuit of common goals.
  • Help of the colleagues.
  • Reduce of the exclusion.
  • Promoting respect and trust.
  • Objectivity and tolerance.

Creativity, initiative, ambition

  • Discovering talent and potential.
  • Brainstorming and finding original solutions.
  • Promotion of leadership.
  • Encouraging challenges.

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