Art Groups


Youth chamber choir "Atžalynas" was founded in 1992. The founder of the choir is Marija Žibūdienė, conductor and professor at Šiauliai University.
At the choir sing students, teachers and music lovers in general. During more than 27 years of activity choir has participated in various international competitions and has won many awards.
The choir not only goes to concerts and competitions in Lithuania and abroad, but also organizes concerts in its own city, participates in city festivals, cooperates and befriends Lithuanian and foreign choirs. Joint concerts are held, choirs from other cities are invited to give concerts in Šiauliai city. Currently the choir is led by Mindaugas Žalalis.
Art director Mindaugas Žalalis. Mob. 8 611 41 904, e-mail:
The choreography studio "Aušrelė", which was founded in 1977, has gathered around 140 dancers from Šiauliai city from age 4 to 18.
The group prepares annual programs (Christmas-New Year, Mother's Day, etc.), creative projects (such as choreographic tales for children "Bembi", "Mary Popins", "Icy Heart", "The Emperor and the Nightingale", musical "Bruknelė"), actively participates in city and country‘s events.
Every year the dancers participate in various festivals and competitions in foreign countries (Spain, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus), where prizes are awarded.
Art director Mindaugas Kosaitis. Mob. 8 686 24 540, e-mail:
Manager of cultural activity Zita Mundinienė. Mob. 8 614 19 562, e-mail:
Assistant to the art director Vita Adomėnaitė-Butnorienė.
Accompanist Rasa Saulius Rimkevičius.
Chamber choir "Bičiuliai" was founded in 1990. Stasys Žalalis, professor at Šiauliai University, is the founder of the chamber choir "Bičiuliai". Currently the choir is led by Rita Daukantaitė.
"Bičiuliai" is a mixed adult choir. Its participants are men and women of all ages who love choral music and are willing and able to express themselves through singing. The repertoire of the choir includes songs of Lithuanian and foreign composers, harmonious Lithuanian folk songs, classical and sacred works.
Choir "Bičiuliai" implements various cultural exchange projects both locally and internationally, participates in festivals, celebrations, concerts in Lithuania and abroad.
Art director Rita Daukantaitė. Mob. 8 8 672 40339, e-mail:

Vocal ensemble "Dainora" was founded in 2007. It is led by Ramutė Majauskienė.
At the ensemble sing women of all ages and professions. The repertoire is dominated by popular songs by Lithuanian and foreign composers.
The ensemble participates in various festivals, competitions and celebrations of the vocal genre music organized in Lithuania, has won many various awards. Members of the ensemble actively partake in the cultural activities of the Rėkyva neighbourhood – they help to organize, sing at the calendar celebrations, commemorations and other events taking place in the Šiauliai Cultural Centre Rėkyva Department.
Art director Ramutė Majauskienė. Mob. tel. 8 686 83 200, e-mail:
Adult Amateur Theater "Durys" was founded in 2013. It is led by Virginijus Dargis.
It is the only adult amateur theater in Šiauliai. Currently in the theater perform 18 people of different ages and professions.
The group participates in Šiauliai city festival "Šiauliai days", Lithuanian song festival, various theater festivals. Three projects "Perform-communicate-live" have been prepared and implemented, co-financed by the Lithuanian Culture Council and Šiauliai City Municipality, and together with artist Reda Uogintienė the project "The Mystery of the Three Kings" was implemented.
The theater has produced 4 performances for which it has received various nominations and diplomas from the Lithuanian National Center for Culture:
"Doors squeak" based on M. Ferm's comedy, artist R. Uogintienė;
"Donja Rosita or the language of flowers," based on a poem by F. G. Lorca, artist O. Pamerneckaite;
"The source" based on D. Dargienė's script, artist A. Uogintas;
"Panorama of condensed milk" based on G. Zeidelis’ play, artist R. Uogintienė.

Art director Virginijus Dargis.

Theater Studio "Gūžta" was founded in 2018. It is led by Lina Jankauskaitė-Peleckienė.
The theater studio is attended by young people who want to gain acting experience and discover and express their true self through theater performances, improvisations, performance staging, discussions, meetings with actors and directors and communication with one another
On January 25th of 2019 the studio presented its first premiere - a one-part performance "Book" by Duncan Battman. Directed by Lina Jankauskaitė-Pelckienė, starring: Elzbieta Girkantaitė, Dorotėja Lanzbergaitė, Veronika Novickaitė, Artur Dmitrijev. Duration - 60 minutes.
Art director Modestas Vaitkevičius.
Art director Lina Jankauskaitė-Peleckienė (on maternity leave). Mob. +370 672 59 987, e-mail:

Dance studio "Impresija" was founded in 2018. It is led by Inga Al Shammas.

Studio is attended by young children from the age of 3 and school-age girls. In the studio children learn the basics of the ballet, experience the joy of dancing and learn to express themselves freely through dance. 

Art director Inga Al Shammas. Mob. +370 602 08 250, e-mail:




Folk dance ensemble "Kalatinis" was founded in 1963. It is led by Vanda Verkulienė.
Since 1970 the ensemble has participated in all national and worldwide Lithuanian Song Celebrations. It is a multiple winner of the national contest "Couple for a couple". "Kalatinis" actively participates in city events, represents Šiauliai city in Šiauliai county, Lithuania and abroad. In 2006 for artistic achievements "Kalatinis" was awarded "The Golden Bird", which is the highest award for amateur collectives in Lithuania.

Art director and balletmaster Vanda Verkulienė. Mob. 8 615 54 392.
Instrumental group manager  Edita Šliauterienė.
Accompanist Vida Narutavičienė.
Concertmaster Sandra Giedrė.


Children's Vocal Ensemble "Lašeliai" was founded in 2007. The ensemble is led by Ramutė Majauskienė.
At the ensemble sing children from the age of 7. Many members of the ensemble, having improved and grown up, continue their musical journey to other arts education institutions.
In the first year, children become familiar with the basics of singing and learn to perform simple songs and melodies. In later years, the content of the program becomes broader, more diverse and complex, taking into account the age of the children.
Classes are held at a time convenient for children and opportunities for individual development are provided. During rehearsals children not only become acquainted with various vocal techniques, but also develop ability to communicate and express themselves creatively. The repertoire of the group is dominated by contemporary works of Lithuanian and foreign authors.
The ensemble participates in the amateur art festival “Autumn Mosaic”, events during Šiauliai City Days, various events and celebrations organized by the Rėkyva community. The ensemble also collaborates with other children vocal ensembles of Šiauliai city and district schools, organizes joint concerts and events.
Art director Ramutė Majauskienė. Mob. tel. 8 686 83 200, e-mail:

The percussion studio is open to anyone who wants to learn, feels the rhythm, and seeks a sense of community and being in a harmonious environment together. The studio was founded only recently – in 2020, and its head and founder is Gintautas Gascevičius.

Everyone is invited to the studio – everyone who appreciates the joy of listening or performing music and seeks for a community where they can feel free and welcomed.

Currently, in the Percussion studio classes for the group "Drum Circle" are organized. The main idea of ​​the "Drum Circle" is to create a community where the audience play instruments. A person feels the rhythm while playing the drums, and in the company he has the opportunity to learn not only from others but also from himself. Learning takes place in a team of people through mirrored, critical thinking.

Art director Gintautas Gascevičius.



Ritual folk ensemble "Rėda" was founded in 2013. The ensemble is led by Justė Lipinskienė.
People who attend the ensemble are united by love for folk songs. During 7 years of creative activity members of the ensemble learnt more than 100 folk songs, which includes themes like wedding ceremonies, family, Advent, Christmas, spring celebrations, summer works, Dew holidays and others.
Members of the ensemble wear 13th-15th century reconstructed archeological costumes consisting of long shirts, wool tunics and cloaks, white gowns and footwear of the selected period. Clothes are decorated with brass pins, studs, collars, rings and headpieces.
The activities of the ensemble are not limited to the daily learning of new songs, concerts and festivals. The members of the group study the ancient writings of the Baltic tribes in order to better understand the singing of the "old" people in their daily routine, work and leisure activities. By singing, analyzing and interpreting folk songs the members of the ensemble learn to combine the Christian religion and the Baltic worldview: one God - one truth and love for human being, nature, song.
The members of the collective are united by an unquenchable desire to spend time together. The children of the ensemble members sing, play music and participate in concerts. The members are able to make their own ribbons and traditional clothes, bake bread, make candles, soap and many more traditional works, play violin, drum and other traditional Lithuanian instruments.
Art director Justė Lipinskienė.

Vocal studio "Rokoko" was founded in 1987.  It is led by Rasa Kauneckaitė.
Studio is attended by children, young people and adults - everyone here can find musical and social space close to their heart. The principle of studio’s work with children – through play to music, through music to the joy of self-discovery. Children here are encouraged to enjoy musical process. Studio tries to nurture children’s communication and collaboration skills, helps to discover and foster their personal qualities: self-confidence, creativity, responsibility. Studio is also attended by adults, which tends to sing during St. Mass and other occasions in the church and other events.
Vocal studio "Rokoko" regularly participates in various events and celebrations, organized in Šiauliai and other cities, has given concerts in Latvia, Finland, Estonia, USA and Germany.
The creative biography of studio is quite rich: four times studio won LRT song contest "Dainų dainelė", has won many prizes in various national contests. Studio released 5 music albums, whose songwriter is Rasa Kauneckaitė, art director of the studio.
Art director Rasa Kauneckaitė. Mob. 8 682 11720, e-mail:

Vocal ensemble "Romantika" was founded in 2013. It is led by Ramutė Majauskienė.
The ensemble is attended by creative and enterprising women, who are members of various organizations and for whom rehearsals are not only an educational but also a creative process that brings new ideas. The program of the ensemble is dominated by lyrical and popular songs by Lithuanian composers.
Vocal ensemble “Romantika” actively participates in events, festivals and competitions, organized in Šiauliai city and district, has won many various awards. It also cooperates with various associations, societies and educational institutions of Šiauliai county. 
Art director Ramutė Majauskienė. Mob. tel. 8 686 83 200, e-mail:

Folk ensemble "Sidabrinė gija" was found in 1983. In the beginning the ensemble functioned as elderly people club in which members sang, travelled and spent their leisure time together. In 1992 "Sidabrinė gija" was registered as folk ensemble and its art director became Vita Taučienė-Rezgienė.

The chosen goal and direction of ensemble is the promotion of Lithuanian folk art and its traditions, preservation and transmission of ethnic heritage. Members of choir learn folklore songs and dances, collect folklore, cherish Lithuanian folk customs and traditions and passes them on to the growing generation.

The repertoire of the ensemble consists of folk songs, dances, circles, stories and sayings. The ensemble has storytellers, who tell stories in dialect. The members of ensemble know about 15 dances, many circles, sings songs from different regions.

More than 20 folklore lovers attend the ensemble. It is a group of older people (over 60 years) who like to sing, dance, tell stories in dialect, play instruments and actively participate in events.

The ensemble participates in various celebrations and festivals, organized in Šiauliai city and region, national song contests and other national events.

Art director Vita Taučienė-Rezgienė. Mob. 8 685 70 579, e-mail:


Choir "Tremtinys" was founded in 1989. At that time, it was formed for former exiles and political prisoners. Now it is led by Romualdas Pečeliūnas.

Every year on June 14, the Day of Mourning and Hope, choir members sing near the railway ramp – the location where the deportation of Šiauliai residents in 1941 took place. Each year on the first Saturday of August, the choir participates in a gathering of Lithuanian exiles, political prisoners and freedom fighters in Ariogala. Over the years "Tremtinys" has performed in various factories, concert halls and other places.  Choir performs at the events, related to the exile, festivals, celebrations, which are organized in Šiauliai and other cities.

Choir "Tremtinys" has been around for more than 30 years. During those years many songs and religious hymns were learned and many concerts were held. Choir communicates and organizes joint concerts with exile choirs from Kėdainiai, Kuršėnai, Mažeikiai and others. The choir is currently attended by 25 seniors, about 80 years old on average, most of them ex-exiles or their relatives.

Art director Romaldas Pečeliūnas.


Folk dance group "Vajaunas" was found in 2002. It is led by Romualdas Laugalis.
The group participates in various national contests, festivals and celebrations and is a regular participant of the amateur art festival "Autumn Mosaic". The group has repeatedly participated in national song festivals, attended television show and represented Lithuania in various festivals and competitions abroad: Great Britain, France, Portugal, Italy, Holland, Thailand, Nepal, India and Spain. The group has won several prizes from different contests and competitions.
Art director Romualdas Laugalis. Mob. 8 615 76739, e-mail:

Chamber choir "Vasara" is led by Kornelijus Luotė. Choir is an active participant in the musical life of Šiauliai city.

Choir "Vasara" visited many cities and villages of Lithuania and performed in various concert halls and churches. It participated in all the national song festivals of the last decades in Vilnius and has given several concerts in Latvia and Norway.  

The choir rehearsals are attended by men and women of all ages. It is an amateur choir, so most singers do not know the musical writing, but have a strong desire to sing together. The choir's repertoire includes original songs by Lithuanian and foreign composers, folk songs, secular and church music, mass.

Art director Kornelijus Luotė. Mob. 8 674 18596, e-mail:

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