CANCELLED! Musical performance "I Was Born On Time"

Due to coronavirus pandemic musical "I Was Born at the Same Time", which was supposed to take place on March 11 and later moved to June 1, now after taking in consideration current restrictions was cancelled.

Šiauliai Arena (Jono Jablonskio St)
June 1, 7 p.m.
1 Eur

Those who purchased the invitations can get their refunds until June 30th. Invitations purchased at the box office are returned at the box office. Those who bought invitations online can get their refunds by filling in the application:



June 1 Šiauliai citizens and city's guests are invited to a musical performance "I Was Born at the Same Time".

The performance created by Šiauliai Cultural Centre will bring together children and adult amateur art groups, professional actors and famous artists of the country who have started or are still developing their work in Šiauliai. The musical will turn into a sensitive, personally experienced story, inviting everyone to identify and discover themselves, and to remind of the past thirty years.

The focus of the musical performance is on young people and their lives. These are the people of Šiauliai who were still children in the 1990s, the same optimistic young people in the cold 2000s, and today they are parents, teachers, artists - creators of a new story of their own, their city, their country. Musical dramaturgy is schematic, covering the period of 1990–2020 and highlights the changes in Šiauliai, Lithuania during the thirty years of Independence. The musical will resurrect a somewhat forgotten yet recent past by inviting everyone to identify themselves at the events being shown.

Starring Severinas Norgaila – Saulius, Dalius Jančiauskas – Algis (Saulius‘ father), Danguolė Petraitytė – Nijolė (Saulius‘ mother), Sigitas Jakubauskas – Antanas (Saulius‘ grandfather), Žygimantas Vozgirdas – Saulius in his childhood, Monika Paraugytė – Erika (Saulius' girlfriend), Oskaras Grinius, Benas Vasiliauskas, Adomas Lomeika, Jogaila Girkantas – friends of Saulius.

Participants: Šiauliai Cultural Centre Theater Studio "Gūžta" (art director Lina Jankauskaitė-Peleckienė), Šiauliai Cultural Centre Choreography Studio "Aušrelė" (art director Mindaugas Kosaitis), Šiauliai Cultural Centre Youth Choir "Atžalynas" (art director Mindaugas Žalalis), Šiauliai University Gymnasium Mixed Choir "Poco" (conducted by Rasa Stoškuvienė), Šiauliai Chamber Orchestra (art director Vilhelmas Čepinskis), Šiauliai Big Band (art director Raitis Ašmanis), "BIX", "Vairas", "Colors of Bubbles" , "Kitava", "Kieno mishke kankorezhiai", Laura Remeikienė, ensemble "Jonis".

Creators: director and screenwriter Lina Jankauskaitė-Peleckienė, choreographer Mindaugas Kosaitis, conductor Raitis Ašmanis, author of video projection montage Pijus Peleckis, light designer Darius Malinauskas, sound director Dovydas Kiela, costume designer Gabrielė Januškevičiūtė.

Duration – 90 minutes.

Organizator – Šiauliai Cultural Centre, partner – Šiauliai Arena.

Entrance by invitation only. Invitations can be purchased at the Ticket Market box office and online at The invitation fee is 1 Eur, which is Šiauliai Arena administrative fee. Free entrance for children who don’t use space. Those wishing to purchase more than 16 invitations at a time should complete the Group Tickets form on the Ticket Market website. Tickets purchased before March 11 are valid the same. The number of seats is limited.

The event will be filmed and photographed.

Atnaujinta: 2020-05-06 09:42