Šiauliai is starting to prepare for Christmas: the city will light up

Although the coronavirus pandemic that affected the world brought confusion to people's cultural life, the most beautiful winter holidays in Šiauliai will not be forgotten. Šiauliai City Municipality invites Šiauliai residents to greet the holidays with the already well-known slogan "#Šiauliaišviečia" ("#Šiauliaishines") and to spread light, optimism and good mood throughout the Christmas period. Although mass events in the city at the moment are not allowed, waiting for the winter holidays will be no less magical than usual - the city will be decorated with the most beautiful Christmas decorations and the people of Šiauliai will be encouraged to create and spread the Christmas spirit together.

To celebrate the most beautiful holidays of the year, the staff of Šiauliai Culture Centre together with various institutions and organizations of Šiauliai usually offered a wide program of Christmas and New Year events in Šiauliai, but the epidemiological situation in the country this year forced to abandon some traditional festive activities. Deimantė Bačiulė, the director of Šiauliai Culture Centre, reveals that the festivities in the city will be a little different this year - the traditional Christmas tree lighting event with a large number of spectators will not take place, but urges Šiauliai residents not to get too upset – the city will be full with Christmas spirit and atmosphere.

“Our beautiful Christmas tree will definitely be lit and together with other Christmas decorations will illuminate Šiauliai Resurrection Square, and create a festive atmosphere throughout the Christmas period. We hope that people that are going for a walk will stop by the square and while being there will be reminded of the true beauty of the winter holidays and will pick up good mood that will brighten up the anticipation of Christmas during this tense period. After all, it is up to each one of us to make sure that the mood during holidays would be festive, so now it is important to focus, be positive and learn to enjoy small and simple things,” says D. Bačiulė.

The wall at the Resurrection Square will not only be decorated during the festive period, but will also be open to people for the first time. “Inside the building, a temporary art exposition will be exhibited, which everyone will be able to see and enjoy. And on the top of the building people will be able to go to the observation deck, which will show a wonderful view of our festively decorated square, as well as our beloved city. We have no doubt that after visiting the exhibition and seeing the city filled with the Christmas spirit, Šiauliai residents and guests will catch the festive mood,” says Asta Lesauskienė, Director of Welfare and Education Department of Šiauliai City Municipality Administration.

Those who will visit the square near Šiauliai City Municipality, will get to experience the charming atmosphere which will be created by the traditional Nativity scene. Christmas miracle will be told by illuminated voluminous frescoes of the works, created in the 13th century by artist Giotto, which are depicting scenes from the life of Saint Francis of Assisi.

The slogan #Šiauliaishines will be heard throughout the festive period, at the same time the initiative of the same name will be announced, which will invite Šiauliai residents to prepare for the festivities, decorate the windows of home or workplace with glowing decorations and shine together with the city. In this way, Šiauliai residents will be invited to lift the mood for themselves, their neighbours, who will see the glow through the windows of their homes, and those who are simply walking by on the beautiful winter evenings.

Šiauliai residents will also be invited to participate in the contest by capturing the beauty of their decorations and posting it on social media to share the enlightening result with others. The campaign will encourage people to spread the light, and with it – hope, optimism and good mood, which are sorely lacking during this difficult period.

"We hope that the people of Šiauliai will contribute to the creation and spread of the Christmas spirit, will join this initiative and will meet the most beautiful winter holidays with high spirits. Let's show other cities that we know how to celebrate safely and infect others with a good mood, not a virus," say the organizers.

The traditional New Year's firework will not be forgotten, but its exact location this year won’t be revealed as it is intended to avoid the usual gathering outdoors. This year Šiauliai residents will be invited to watch New Year's fireworks through the windows of the homes.

Atnaujinta: 2020-11-26 14:34