The XIII Republican Amateur Theater Festival "Pulse"

On four weekends of November at the Šiauliai Cultural Center Rėkyva Department (Energetikų str. 7) will take place the XIII Republican Amateur Theater Festival "Pulse", which will offer a range of theater performances for all ages.


November 4th

6 p.m. the performance for the whole family "Fox antics and other incidents" of Utena Cultural Center Puppet Theater "Zuikis puikis"
Directed by Janina Baldauskienė
Duration – 40 min.

November 5th

3 p.m. the performance based on true stories "Foreign Land" of the Folk theater of Rokiškis cultural center
Directed by Neringa Danienė
Duration – 80 min.

November 11th

11 a.m. the performance of paper (origami) puppets by the clown theater studio "Dulidu" based on Vytautas V. Landsbergis' tale "Arklio Dominyko meilė"
Directed by Kamilė Kondrotaitė
Duration – 40 min.

November 12th

3 p.m. the comedy based on Kuturakis "America in the Bath" of Jurbarkas Cultural Center Skirsnemunė Department Theater "Pakeleivis"
Directed by Birutė Šneiderienė
Duration – 60 min.

November 18th

2 p.m. the performance for teenagers "Ashou" of children's and youth theater studio of Šiauliai Arts School "Kompanija šauni"
Directed by Dalė Dargienė and Virginijus Dargis
Duration – 45 min.

6 p.m. the comedy based on Moliere "The Presumed Patient" of Šiauliai Cultural Center Amateur Theater "Durys"
Directed by Virginijus Dargis
Duration – 55 min.

November 26th

3 p.m. the performance based on Vytautas V. Lansbergis "Angel Tales" of Gintaras Kutkauskas Theater of Pasvalys Cultural Center
Directed by Ramunė Uždavinienė
Duration – 50 min.

Atnaujinta: 2022-11-04 15:12