Mardi Gras in Šiauliai ended with the triumph of Kanapinis

February 21 the whole city of Šiauliai smelled of pancakes and šiupinys, the smells of which could be smelled from the houses of the residents, and the streets were full of disguises – this is where the "Užgavėnių balaganas Šiauliuose" took place. That day, residents and guests of the city admired the 6th edition of the "Baisiai graži Morė" exhibition from the morning and had the opportunity to choose the beauties they liked the most. The traditional fight between Lašininis and Kanapinis ended with Kanapinis's triumph that day, and the culmination of the celebration was the burning ceremony of Morė on the shore of Lake Talkša.
The organizer – Šiauliai Cultural Center.

The "Užgavėnių balaganas Šiauliuose" began in Kaštonų Alley, where curious city residents and guests gathered, because the exhibition "Baisiai graži Morė" was exhibited there. 24 institutions and organizations decided to participate in the competition organized for the sixth time. The people of Šiauliai were invited to vote for the most liked Mora on the Šiauliai Cultural Center's Facebook account by pressing "like". This year, three Mores received the most likes: the first place went to Šiauliai kindergarten "Voveraitė", which collected 970 "likes". The second place goes to Šiauliai kindergarten "Eglutė" – 899 "likes", the third place went to Šiauliai Dainai pro-gymnasium, whose Morė collected 574 "likes". The winners were awarded prizes established by the Šiauliai Cultural Center, Rūta chocolate factory and PC Akropolis in Šiauliai.

A little later, the various creatures gathered in a costume procession, in which over 300 participants marched. Masks were provided by mask master Jonas Vaicekauskas. From Kaštonų Alley, the city boulevard, Vasario 16th Street, Aušra path all the way to the coast of Talkša Lake, the laughter of traveling disguised people echoed, games were played and fun pranks were played. In the evening, two characters, without whom Mardi Gras would not take place, fought at the Talkša lake – Lašininis with Kanapinis. Lašininis is the embodiment of winter, who appeared fat, symbolizes laziness, negligence, overeating. Kanapinis, on the contrary, is the embodiment of spring, who rushed to the fight lean and stretched, with a rope around his waist. He is a symbol of diligence and fasting. The decisive battle on the shore of Lake Talkša ended with the triumph of Kanapinis.

The children's and youth folklore ensemble of the Šiauliai School of Music "Vieversėlis" (director Arūnas Stankus) and the folklore ensemble "Salduvė" (director Darius Daknys) of the Šiauliai city cultural center "Laiptų galerija" created a fun program with dances and songs.

The culmination of the event was the ceremonial burning of Morė. It is believed that if Morė is burned, all misfortunes, bad vices, habits, bad deeds, jealousy will also be burned and a sunny and active spring will come sooner.

Informational sponsors: media group "Etaplius", "Miesto naujienos", "Šiaulių apskrities televizija", "Owexx". Friends: chocolate factory "Rūta", PC "Akropolis" in Šiauliai.

The information is provided by the head of the Amateur Art Department of the Šiauliai Cultural Center Aušra Brijūnienė, phone +370 655 25 527, email

Liubov Yarmoshenko photo 

Atnaujinta: 2023-02-22 13:30