St. John's Day at Lake Rėkyva: from rites to a magical concert

In 2023 June 23 from 7 p.m. The most magical summer holiday - St. John's Day - will be celebrated on the shores of Lake Rėkyva. The organizers reveal that those gathered will be able to enjoy the traditional rites of the holiday: cupolating, casting spells, floating wreaths, the ceremony of lighting the St. John's bonfire and the big domes, and accompanying the sun. The program will be enriched by a concert given by amateur art collectives and music groups "Folk Trio", "Atalyja" and "Sidabro".
The organizer is Šiauliai City Municipality. The organizer is the Šiauliai Cultural Center. Informational sponsors: "Owexx", "Miestos niaveinos", "Etaplius", "Saulės radijas".
The event is free.

St. John's Day is a holiday with deep traditions in Lithuania, it was often called Domes or Dews by our ancestors, closely related to the summer solstice, when the Northern Hemisphere has the longest day and the shortest night. The holiday celebrated on June 24 is surrounded by legends, rituals and traditions that have survived to this day. St. John's Day customs are related to agriculture, they were aimed at protecting the harvest, which is why during the holiday bathing, weeding and cupping, bonfires were lit. Also common are wreath-making, spells, searching for a fern flower, and jumping over fire.

Since the 20th century At the end of the 1980s, the St. John's Day festival is traditionally organized by Lake Rėkyva. Although there have been exceptions to organizing the festival in city spaces, this year it is returning to Lake Rėkyva. "This year, we invite you to meet the longest day and the shortest night at Lake Rękyva, where traditionally there will be cupolating, fortune-telling, wreath-making and floating, a concert, and maybe you will even be able to find a fern flower," says Deimantė Bačiulė, director of the Šiauliai Cultural Center.

There will be no shortage of dances and songs during the event. The St. John's Day festival by Lake Rėkyva will be attended by amateur art groups of the Šiauliai Cultural Center: folk dance group "Vajaunas" (artistic director R. Laugalis), folk dance ensemble "Kalatinis" (artistic directors I. Šerpytienė and E. Račkauskas) , folklore ensemble "Sidabrinė gija" (art director V. Taučienė-Rezgienė). Also the folk dance studio "Šermukšnėlė" of Šiauliai Dance Pro-gymnasium (directors I. Šerpytienė and E. Račkauskas) and the senior folk dance group "Šermukšnis" (director I. Šerpytienė).

The concert will be presented by the music group: "Folk Trio", which will subtly touch Lithuanian folklore, immerse them in deep interpretations of old Lithuanian folk songs, surrounding them with unique, sincere improvisations. The alternative rock group "Sidabro" from Dzūkija, who, as they say, will play to bring joy and light, and the group "Atalyja", combining archaic Lithuanian folklore with elements of rock, jazz, and Indian music in their work, will ignite a real sauna.

In addition to the music and dance narrative, participants will have a unique opportunity to touch the traditional St. John's rites: "The most important symbols of St. John's Day are the Sun and fire, so St. John's Day is not complete without the accompaniment of the Sun and the burning of the bonfire. Campfire has long been considered extraordinary, able to protect even from diseases or other misfortunes", says Aušra Brijūnienė, head of the Amateur Art Department of the Šiauliai Cultural Center.

The celebration will begin with the welcome of the participants at the gate of the transformation of the Sun. There will also be dome making, gathering from domes - one of the most important ancient rites. During St. John's Day, special attention has been paid to water, so St. John's Day at Lake Rękyva cannot be complete without floating wreaths. The organizers reveal that a St. John's wreath will be available for purchase during the event. During the holiday, the ceremony of lighting the St. John's bonfire and the big domes is traditionally organized and, of course, the accompaniment of the sun.

Fun entertainment awaits children and adults: smashing cups, wearing bracelets, making badges and other activities.

The entire program of events can be found on the websites of Šiauliai City Municipality ( and Šiauliai Cultural Center (

The information is provided by Aušra Brijūnienė, head of the Amateur Art Department of Šiauliai Cultural Center, mobile. +370 655 25 527, e-mail Mr.

Violeta Ramanauskienė and Edita Varkalienė photo's.

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