Children developed their creativity at the Šiauliai Cultural Center camp

July 10-14 The cultural center of Šiauliai organized a creativity camp for children "Amatų marginys".

The week-long camp gave the children a bundle of positive emotions and impressions. Here, everyone had the opportunity not only to make new friends, but also to try various educational and recreational activities with the Šiauliai Cultural Center team.

The young campers participated in educational sessions at the Crafts Workshop of the Šiauliai Cultural Center with educators Kristina Mickūnė and Gintarė Daunytė, during which, using various artistic tools, they made colored tabs for books, soap dishes, candle containers, reflectors and other items. He learned the intricacies of dance, music and theater with the art directors of the Šiauliai Cultural Center: Vita Adomėnaitė-Butnorienė, assistant art director of the choreography studio "Aušrelė", Vita Taučienė-Rezgienė, art director of the folklore ensemble "Sidabrinė gija", Virginijuė Dargiė, art director of the adult amateur theater "Durys". and Dalia Dargienė, head of the Šiauliai Arts School's children and youth studio "Kompanija šauni".

The children spent time not only in the Šiauliai cultural center, they actively spent time outdoors: they traveled to the STEAM center of Šiauliai nursery-kindergarten "Berželis", whose manager Laura Zinkevičienė involved them in STEAM activities. The young curious had the opportunity to construct and program with the program "Cubroid".

After the last sessions, the children were awarded with special camp certificates. The campers returned home with positive emotions, new acquaintances, having fun and being inspired to improve their creative abilities.

The camp is still being organized in 2023 July 31-August 4.

Liubov Yarmoshenko's and Agnė Valaitytė's photo.

Atnaujinta: 2023-07-18 08:04