Posters created for Šiauliai citys for three decades were reborn in Vilmantas Dambrauskas exhibition "My City Posters"

In 2023 of July 28th the anniversary exhibition of Šiauliai designer Vilmantas Dambrauskas was opened in the observation building of "Prisikėlimas" Square and the album "My City Posters" was presented. This year, the artist shares his memories of the events held in the city for more than three decades with the residents of Šiauliai and guests of the city, for which he created various posters. It is hoped that the images that give meaning to a different event and era will remind visitors of the exhibition not only of the active cultural life of Šiauliai people, but also bring them back to the moments of the past holidays.
The organizer – Šiauliai Cultural Center.

Šiauliai artist Vilmantas Dambrauskas has been making Šiauliai famous for more than ten years with his works. During his career, the designer has created countless logos, posters and other prints that have become an integral part of the company, event or celebration. Although the artist as a creator does not shy away from experimentation, there is a sense of balance and harmony in all his works, which fit in properly and fulfill the wishes of each customer.

“Thank you for coming. Thank you for having so many of you", – said Vilmantas Dambrauskas, who works as a designer at the Šiauliai Cultural Center, was happy at the opening of the exhibition, adding that his greatest value is family and the opportunity to create.

The anniversary exhibition "My City Posters" exhibits parts of the posters of cultural events held in Šiauliai from 1989 to the present, created by V. Dambrauskas. The artist created each visualization in his own way, with his own perspective and the imagined audience of the upcoming celebration. The works created by Vilmantas Dambrauskas became like prophets of the future for events that have not yet taken place, and today, seeing the posters with new eyes, they can be safely called cultural heritage.

On July 28th, in the observation building of the "Prisikėlimas" Square, it was possible to see not only the posters exhibited by Vilmantas Dambrauskas, but also to participate in the presentation of the designer's latest album "My City Posters". In the book, you can discover posters created by the designer for more than three decades for various institutions or companies. In the publication, together with Šiauliai designer, photographer, artist Vilmantas Dambrauskas, art critic Virginijus Kinčinaitis, historian, deputy director of Šiauliai "Aušra" Museum Virginija Šiukšcienė, head of "Antrosios reklamos ateljė" Arvydas Urbonavičius and Šiauliai Culture Center  director Deimantė Bačiulė shared their memories, insights about the peculiarities of work and the search for the best design.

The authors of the book's articles V. Kinčinaitis, V. Šiukščienė and D. Bačiulė spoke at the exhibition, the designer was congratulated by Seimas member Stasys Tumėnas and his assistant Nerijus Brazauskas, Šiauliai City Municipality Vice Mayor Justinas Švėgžda and other guests.

The janniversary exhibition "My City Posters" will be open until 2023, October 1st. The exposition in the observation building of "Prisikėlimas" Square can be seen from Tuesday to Sunday from 12:00 to 22:00.

The organizers remind that this is the third exhibition organized by the Šiauliai Cultural Center in the observation building. The people of Šiauliai have already seen the works of photographer Edvardas Tamošiūnas and sculptor Alvidas Paškauskas, as well as the exhibition of photographs of Christmas and New Year's cards and their fragments from the collection of Petras Kaminskas.

The information is provided by Vaida Dambrauskienė, head of the Education Department of the Šiauliai Cultural Center, mobile. +370 678 53 171, e-mail

Artūras Staponkus and Rolandas Parafinavičius photo.

Atnaujinta: 2023-07-31 10:54