Diversity of cultural expression on Šiauliai city birthday

In 2023 on September 8-10, Šiauliai will host the city's biggest cultural event - "Šiauliai Days 787". Throughout the weekend, Šiauliai will be noisy and bright, because the city's birthday will be accompanied by numerous concerts, festivals, exhibition openings and other rich cultural events. Thousands of originally dressed participants of the procession will take to the central streets of the city, for the second year in a row the birthday will be opened by a resounding joint opening event, and the festival of artistic vision "Magical Park" will invite you to the mystical world. This year's most awaited city festival will delight the residents of Šiauliai and the guests of the city with the unique sounds of music presented by orchestras, various instruments and not only well-known national performers, but also Eurovision winners of 2022 - Kalush Orchestra (Ukraine).
Organizer - Šiauliai City Municipality, Šiauliai Culture Center.

The most important and biggest city celebration "Šiauliai days 787" traditionally moves to different spaces of the city this year. "Every year, we try to bring more and more interesting, new initiatives and events to the birthday, which could surprise guests of any age or cultural taste," says Daina Kinčinaitienė, head of the Culture Department of the Šiauliai City Municipality Administration. 

The supply of high-quality events becomes an integral part of Šiauliai city's birthday, and strong traditions that have existed for the first year shape not only the face of Šiauliai Days, but also increase the festival's popularity. "Thank you to the business of Šiauliai city, without which the birthday celebration would not be so bright. By giving culture to people together, we not only unite the community, but also create lasting value", says Šiauliai Mayor Artūras Visockas.

This year "Šiauliai days 787" returns with the slogan "Šiauliai shines", which has already become a tradition. Along with it comes the new birthday image, where you can see images of optical illusions, lights and suns. "The image created by Vilmantas Dambrauskas, the designer of the Šiauliai Cultural Center, is dominated by the colors well recognized by every Šiauliai - yellow and black, and the many suns shining in the darkness spread a clear message - Šiauliai's culture shines", says Deimantė Bačiulė, director of the Šiauliai Cultural Center.

On the eve of the birthday, on September 7, the 46th honorary citizen of the city of Šiauliai will be inaugurated at the Šiauliai Cultural Center. In the solemn ceremony, a festive concert will be played in honor of the chosen one, where it will be possible to hear a synthesis of instrumental and vocal music. The organizers of the event point out that the entrance to the concert is by invitation. Invitations will be available to pick up at the Šiauliai Cultural Center from August 28. The number of invitations is limited.

On the evening of September 7th, in the courtyard of Šiauliai apartment buildings, it will be possible to spend time meaningfully at the event "Culture on the threshold: cultural intervention in courtyards", which will be attended by Lithuanian opera soloist Liudas Mikalauskas and Lithuanian theater, film and television actor Ramūnas Šimukauskas. The same evening Šiauliai St. In the Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary, the opening concert of the "Joseph Achron Music Festival'23" "Jewish Hymn" will invite you to develop your musical taste.

One of the most important and original highlights of the birthday is the festive procession and motorized convoy, which will once again brightly decorate the main streets of the city of Sun this year. September 8th at 7 p.m. The procession of people from Šiauliai will start from Žaliūkių street, and a motorized column will join it - from Ragainė street. It is promised that all the way to Šiauliai city's central park stage via Tilžės st. and Aušros al. the parade of various creative unions, clubs, organizations, associations, companies and other institutions, which will be accompanied by a motorized convoy from the smallest to the largest vehicles, will be more expressive and colorful than ever.

The impressive spectacle will continue to the stage of the central park of Šiauliai city, where the opening event of the city festival "Šiaulių dienos 787" "Singing Šiauliai" will take place. Here the choirs of Šiauliai city educational institutions together with Gytis Paškevičius and Liudus Mikalauskas will perform well-known songs. The songs "Lithuania" (music and lyrics by Kipras Mašanauskas), "My Country" (music by Gytis Paškevičius, lyrics by Erika Drungytė) and "Our days as a holiday" (music by Vytautas Kernagis, lyrics by Vytautas Kernagis, Salomėja Nėris, Juozas Erlickas). The organizers of the event encourage residents of Šiauliai and guests of the city to actively learn the words of the songs and thus contribute with their voices not only to the largest choir of the city of Šiauliai, but also in this way to announce the beginning of the festival of the city of Šiauliai.

Friday evening in the city's largest cultural space will continue under the open sky with the concert of the artist Inga Jankauskaitė and the group "Sisters on Wire".

On Saturday evening, the birthday of the city of Šiauliai will be decorated with songs by the group "FC Baseball", artist Monika Liu and "Kalush Orchestra" (Ukraine), who won the "Eurovision" song contest in 2022.

Traditionally, the Song Park will light up for the fourth time with a magical artistic exhibition of light, unique handmade decorations created by "Mushuman" (Germany). Handmade original works will create a mystical mood and will make you feel like you are in a fairy tale. In this year's compositions, it will be possible to see colorful visualizations of flowers, galaxy motifs and other artistic visions, which will create a 3D effect and thus present an unforgettable sight to park visitors. The organizers of the event are happy that this year the artistic vision festival "Magiškas parkas" will invite Šiauliai residents and city guests to admire the installations for three consecutive evenings, on September 8-10.

This year, amateur art groups and performers of various genres from all over the Šiauliai region will demonstrate their talent to the birthday guests of the city of Šiauliai at Resurrection Square. At the annual amateur art festival "Autumn Mozaika" organized by the Šiauliai Cultural Center, there will be no shortage of performances by soloists, groups or vocal ensembles, nor choreographic masterpieces by the busiest dance groups.

September 8th in the Vilnius street there will be a lot of noise and loud music at the boulevard amphitheater, because talented accordionists will give their performances here. In the "Crazy accordion" ensemble parade, the performers promise to reveal the possibilities of the accordion and surprise the listeners with different musical sounds of the instrument. On the same day, it will be possible to hear the "Ringing Šiauliai" concert organized for the first time in the amphitheater. A real orchestra show will await the residents of Šiauliai and the guests of the city here.

On Saturday, September 9, technical enthusiasts of the Šiauliai security services and families with children will be invited to the parking lot near the Šiauliai State College. There since 11 o'clock. they will be waiting for the exhibition of the Šiauliai police, equipment and weapons of the Lithuanian army, matches of the Šiauliai fire-fighting rescue board, and the most active will be invited to participate in various interactive games and educational tasks.

The most awaited city holiday will also offer other cultural initiatives and events, which will be presented to the citizens by various institutions and communities of the city of Šiauliai. On this year's city's birthday, guests will be treated to a festive event organized by the Šiauliai Cultural Center, which has already become a tradition. For the second year in a row, the Šiauliai Tourism Information Center will invite you to visit "Šiauliai Tourism Street 2023". There will also be plenty of chamber concerts, exhibitions, excursions, quizzes and other initiatives suitable for every Šiauliai's taste throughout the weekend, which can be found on the websites of Šiauliai City Municipality ( and Šiauliai Culture Center (

The organizers note that traffic will be restricted in the city. From September 8, 7 o'clock until September 9, 24 o'clock traffic will be prohibited on Varpo st. in the section between Aušra al. and Vilniaus st. and parking lots at Resurrection Square, September 9. 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. parking in the bus and car parking lot near the Šiauliai State College will be prohibited. September 8 5:45 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. traffic will be stopped on Žaliūkių streets (from J. Jablonskis to Tilžės st.) and Ragainės (section between Kanapių and Kreivosios st.) until the participants of the festive procession and the motorized convoy line up. Also on September 8. 19-20 hours traffic will be stopped on Ragaina (from Kreivosios st.) and Tilžės (from Ragaina to Aušras al.) streets and Aušras avenue (from Tilžės to Žemaitė st.).

The festival organizer Šiauliai Cultural Center and the organizer Šiauliai City Municipality would like to thank the patron of Šiauliai Days 787 UAB Nostrada, the general sponsor AB Šiaulių Energija, major sponsors: AB "MV Group Production", UAB "Bodesa", UAB "Splius", UAB "Vilmers", UAB "Ecoservice projektai", UAB "Baltik vairas", UAB "Informacinės sistemos ir technologios", UAB "Mano būstas Šiauliai", for sponsors: UAB "Aukstata", UAB "LTintus", UAB "Maxima LT", UAB "Transalda", for friends: UAB "RD Signs", AB Šiaulių bank, UAB "Kensa", UAB "Vonin Lithuania", UAB "Toksika", UAB "Jupojos technika", UAB "Allianz Lietuva gyvybės draudimas", UAB safety services "Argus", "Fondas Janukonis" and informational sponsors: Lithuanian National Radio and Television, media group "Etaplius", Šiauliai District Television, Lithuanian regional news portal "Miestos naujienos", daily newspaper "Šiaulių kraštas", regional radio "Saulės Radijas", "LTAdvert", "Owexx".

The information is provided by Edita Smindriūnaitė, Deputy Head of the Event Organization Department of the Šiauliai Culture Center, mobile. +370 656 13 886, e-mail Mr.

Photos of L. Simaitis, E. Aleksandravičienė, R. Parafinavičius, V. Ramanauskienė

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