"Šiauliai Days 787": from the magical park to Eurovision hits

On September 8-10, the city's long-awaited birthday "Šiauliai Days 787" took place. Šiauliai residents and guests of the city were delighted by the wonders of "Magic Park", the festive procession and motorized column parade, festivals, children's entertainment, fairs, excursions, exhibitions, and the festive concert in the city's largest open-air cultural space did not leave anyone indifferent: the concert program was presented not only by well-known national performers , but also The Ukrainian group "Kalush Orchestra" triumphed in the "Eurovision" song contest at 2022.
Organizer - Šiauliai City Municipality, organizer - Šiauliai Culture Center.

The cycle of events for the 787th birthday of the city of Šiauliai was opened on September 7 with a solemn ceremony - traditionally, for the twenty-third year in a row, the inauguration of an honorary citizen of the city of Šiauliai was held. This year, the regalia was presented to the famous public figure, musician, conductor Sigitus Vaičiulionis.

On September 8, the main streets of the city of Sun were brightly decorated with a festive procession and a parade of motorized columns. An estimated 5,000 people took part in the procession, with more than 160 vehicles in a motorized convoy. One of the most colorful parts of the city celebration filled the streets with smiles and good mood.

On Friday evening, the opening event "Singing Šiauliai" was held on the stage of the Šiauliai Central Park, where the main highlight of the celebration was the performance of the choirs of educational institutions of the city of Šiauliai and all the people of Šiauliai organized for the second year, and the performance of 3 well-known songs by Gytis Paškevičius and Liudas Mikalauskas: "Lithuania" (music and words Kipras Mašanauskas), "My land" (music by Gytis Paškevičius, words by Erika Drungytė) and "Our days as a celebration" (music by Vytautas Kernagis, words by Vytautas Kernagis, Salomėja Nėris, Juozas Erlickas). The joint performance united the residents of Šiauliai and the guests of the city and created the largest choir in the city of Šiauliai. After the opening, the performances of the singer Inga Jankauskaitė, the band "Sisters om Wire" and the DJ Mant Olin were waiting on the stage, attracting a full audience of the stage.

Residents and guests of the city had the opportunity to enjoy the "Magic Park" festival of artistic vision, which was held in the Dainų Park for the fourth year in a row. Enchanting art installation of lasers, lights, unique handmade UV decorations by German artist Mushuman transported visitors to the realm of wonder and wonder. "Magic Park" attracted residents and guests of the city not only with breathtaking light and color installations, enchanting music sounded here, and there were enough interesting attractions for both young and old visitors. The organizers inform you that the "Magic Park" can still be visited on September 10, it will be open from 8 p.m. until midnight, so those who did not have time to enjoy the magical atmosphere of the park can still do so.

On Saturday, September 9, one of the highlights of the city festival "Šiauliai Days 787" was the festive concert on the stage of the Šiauliai City Central Park, which was given by the group "FC Baseball". The group's work, saturated with dreamy sounds, drowned in its depth and allowed to get to know yet undiscovered musical horizons. The celebration continued with 2022. Singer and songwriter Monika Liu represented Lithuania at the Eurovision Song Contest. The performer gave a cozy and sentimental performance to the crowd of thousands. During it, listeners had the opportunity to hear not only the Eurovision song "Sentiments", but also many other hits of the artist. At the end of the evening, the concert program was presented by 2022. Kalush Orchestra, the Ukrainian group that won the Eurovision Song Contest. During the event, the most beautiful compositions of the group were played, as well as the song "Stefania", which became the biggest hit, which was also sung loudly by the audience.

This year, on September 8-9, amateur art groups and performers from all over the Šiauliai region demonstrated their talent in Resurrection Square for the birthday guests of the city of Šiauliai. The annual amateur art festival "Rudens Mozaika" organized by the Šiauliai Cultural Center did not lack performances by soloists, groups or vocal ensembles, nor choreographic masterpieces by the busiest dance groups.

During the holiday weekend, there was no shortage of activities for the small townspeople. On September 9th curious little ones were attracted by the "Tarnybų miestelis", where there was an exposition of Šiauliai police, safe traffic lessons by friend Amsis, gifts, interactive educational tasks, demonstration of equipment, presentation of preventive measures and the Young Firefighter's course, children's competitions, demonstration of equipment and weapons used by the Lithuanian army and fun interactive games.

Right here on Resurrection Square, residents and guests of Šiauliai were waiting for entertainment with RV Transport, the patron of Šiauliai Days 787. Everyone had the opportunity to try simulators for driving a tractor, piloting an airplane and racing cars. Cotton candy and popcorn were served during the event.

There were more events throughout the holiday weekend. On this year's city's birthday, guests were treated to a festive event organized by the Šiauliai Cultural Center, which has become a tradition. For the second year in a row, the Šiauliai Tourism Information Center invited them to visit "Šiauliai Tourism Street 2023". There were also numerous chamber concerts, exhibitions, excursions, quizzes, performances, professionally performed music, theater performances and other events throughout the weekend.

We invite you to find yourself and your friends in the Facebook group "Šiaulių dienų nuotraukos". The moments were captured by the volunteers of the "Fotografijas namai" association. This year, more volunteers were used to help with various organizational tasks, for which Šiauliai Cultural Center sincerely thanks.

The organizers of the festival would like to thank the patron of "Šiaulių 787" UAB "Nostrada", major sponsors UAB "Bodesa", AB "Šiaulių energija", UAB "Splius", UAB "Vilmers", UAB "Ecoservice projektai", UAB "Baltik vairas", AB "MV Group Production", UAB "Informacinės sistemos ir technologii". We also thank the sponsors UAB "Aukstata", UAB "LTintus", UAB "Maxima LT", UAB "Mano būstas Šiauliai", UAB "Transalda". To friends UAB "RD Signs", AB "Šiaulių bankas", UAB "Kensa", UAB "Vonin Lithuania", UAB "Toksika", UAB "Jupojos technika", "Fondas Janukonis", UAB "Rūta" and information sponsors: Lithuanian National for radio and television, media group "Etaplius", Šiauliai District Television, Lithuanian regional news portal "Miestos naujienos".

Information is provided by the director of the Šiauliai Cultural Center, Deimantė Bačiulė, mobile. +370 671 42 889, e-mail

Photo's by Žaneta Bytautienė, Violeta Ramanauskienė, Rolandas Parafinavičius, Rokas Baranauskas, Rasa Leišė, Neringa Verbienė, Laimonos Simaitis, Edita Aleksandravičienė, Augustė Lemežytė, Agnė Malinauskaitė.

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