The 16th of February is given meaning in the lap of folk dance

In 2024 February 16 The Great Concert Hall of the Šiauliai Cultural Center was filled with people from Šiauliai and city guests who wanted to make sense of the day of the restoration of the state of Lithuania in a whirlwind of folk dances. In the festive concert "Colour of the Motherland", choreographic dance masterpieces were presented to the audience by the Šiauliai Cultural Center and folk dance groups of the city, which touched the hearts of every audience.
The organizer - Šiauliai Cultural Center.

The collectives of the Šiauliai Cultural Center gave a good mood during the commemoration of a significant holiday date for Lithuania: folk dance group "Vajaunas" (artistic director R. Laugalis), folk dance ensemble "Kalatinis" (artistic directors I. Šerpytienė and E. Račkauskas), Šiauliai Jovaras school and Didždvaris gymnasium  children's and youth folk dance ensemble "Šėltinis"  (artistic directors V. and R. Laugaliai, G. Šveikauskaitė), folk dance group "Šėvulis" (led by G. Šveikauskaitė), folk dance studio "Šermukšnėlė" of Šiauliai Dainiai pro-gymnasium " (art director I. Šerpytienė, director E. Račkauskas), VšĮ "Šermukšnio kekės" (art director I. Šerpytienė, director E. Račkauskas) senior folk dance group "Šermukšnis", Šiauliai J. Janonis Gymnasium folk dance collective "Liuoksinis" (director A. Rimkuvienė).

At the event, the audience saw a unique Lithuanian folk choreography, which expressed respect and love for the restored state of Lithuania.

The information is provided by Aušra Brijūnienė, head of the Amateur Art Department of Šiauliai Cultural Center, mobile. +370 655 25 527, e-mail

Liubov Yarmoshenko's photo.

Atnaujinta: 2024-02-20 08:48