Exhibition of painting works by artist Danutė Janulytė

Šiauliai Culture Centre Rėkyva Department (Energetikų str. 7)
September 16th – October 31th
Free admission

Starting September 16th an exhibition of paintings by artist Danutė Janulytė will be open at Šiauliai Cultural Centre Rėkyva Department (Energetikų str. 7). 


Danutė Janulytė started her creative work at the age of thirty – in 1987. Since 1991 she became a member of the Folk Artists' Union, in 2012 she was granted the status of Artistic Creator at the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania.

Author's exhibitions were exhibited in Panevėžys, Kuršėnai, Ignalina, Visaginas, Pakruojis, Šiauliai. Danutė Janulytė participates in national and international plein airs of painters.

According to art critic Michalina Adomavičienė, Danutė Janulytė has achieved a quite professional artistic level on her own. The artist's creative work is particularly interesting when she turns away from folk art, relaxes, begins to philosophize, and plays with colors. Then the creator's special relationship with nature is revealed: not as detailed but as color whispers, intimate conversations…

Currently Danutė Janulytė has a frame workshop and art gallery (Vytauto str. 90, Šiauliai).

The exhibition will be open until October 31.

Atnaujinta: 2020-08-12 10:13