Amateur Theatre Festival „Pulse“

On three weekends of November at the Šiauliai Cultural Center Rėkyva Department will take place the XI Republican Amateur Theater Festival "Pulse", which will offer a range of theater performances for all ages.

Šiauliai Cultural Center Rėkyva Department (Energetikų St. 7)
November 10
3 Eur, 1,5 Eur

1 p.m.
Performance for children "Andersen's dream" (Pewter Soldier)
Panevėžys Puppet Wagon Theater
Duration - 45 minutes. Directed by O. Dmitrieva

5 p.m.
"Rejuvenation of the Nation" (based on the works of Vydūnas, M. Martinaitis and Maironis)
Raseiniai District Cultural Centre Amateur's Theater "Braižas"
Duration - 40 minutes. Art manager, scriptwriter and director - J. Šimaitienė, scenographer - R. Lauraitytė

Price for one performance - 3 Eur. Pupils, students, seniors, people with disabilities - 1,50 Eur. Free of charge for children under 5.

Atnaujinta: 2019-11-07 10:54