Šiauliai celebrated 30th anniversary of the restoration of Lithuania's independence

On March 11 Šiauliai residents celebrated the 30th anniversary of the restoration of Lithuania's independence. Patriotic residents, dressed in national accents or carrying the windmills of freedom, gathered in the Resurrection Square.

A solemn flag-raising ceremony was held here, led by students Kamilė Railaitė and Dominykas Girdziušas. The flag of the Lithuanian state was raised by a young, promising and active family of Šiauliai - Jolita and Gediminas Krūmai with children Dorotėja and Teodoras. The crowd gathered in unison to sing the national anthem of Lithuania.

The student choirs of Šiauliai schools and Šiauliai wind orchestra (art director and conductor Sigitas Vaičiulionis, conductor Gediminas Brūzga) also participated in the ceremony and contributed to the festive atmosphere.

At the end of the solemn flag-raising ceremony, soldiers of the NDVF 6th Territorial Unit of Prisikėlimo Military District Šiauliai were escorted to the United Nations-led operation in Mali.

Dainius Pašvenskas, Commander of the National Defense Volunteer Force, wished the departing soldiers not only success in the mission, but also three most important things: duty, combativeness and adaptation. The soldiers were handed the flag of the Republic of Lithuania and each was given a commemorative symbol - a handmade silver badge "Vytis".

Artūras Visockas, the Mayor of Šiauliai, also took part in the solemn commemoration and congratulated Lithuania on its beautiful anniversary. The Mayor, escorting the soldiers, wished them good luck and handed them the city flag. "You are responsible for the honour of the city and you will bring it, because you are truly prepared for this mission. So, I want to wish you a successful trip, successful service and a successful return home", said Artūras Visockas.

Photo taken by Rolandas Parafinavičius.

Atnaujinta: 2020-04-02 12:00