Exhibition of paintings "Back to the Homeland" by the artist Jonas Želkauskas

Šiauliai Culture Centre Rėkyva Department (Energetikų St. 7)
December 1 – 31 January

About the author

Jonas Želkauskas was born in 1952. in Rėkyva, grew up in Šiauliai. Since 1982 he has lived in Mažeikiai, worked at the Mažeikiai Children's Art School, and actively participated in the cultural and creative activities of the city and the district. He currently lives in Kuršėnai - he has returned closer to his hometown, old friends and colleagues, with whom he is currently involved in various artistic activities.

In addition to easel paintings, he has created a number of monumental paintings, which decorate various public and private interiors and exteriors. He has written a methodical book "Techniques in Monumental Painting Lessons". This is a book about the basics and technology of monumental painting. He has been organizing solo and group exhibitions since 1977. Participates in national and international projects and seminars.

About exhibition

In paintings of the exhibition “Back to the Homeland” artistic expression is sought through materiality and clarity of form. The artist interacts with the object using real and abstract means of expression.

"Careful work on the easel gave birth to the "credo "of my painting - to move from an abstract image or feeling to a real, material, surreal or even hypersiurreal mood ...", says the author of the exhibition.

In the photo - the author's painting "Mary's Wall".

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