Renovation completed: Šiauliai Culture Centre will open its doors renewed and modern

The renovation works of Šiauliai Culture Centre, which lasted for more than two years, have been completed. The construction project worth more than 4 million Euros changed the exterior and interior of the Šiauliai Culture Centre building fundamentally. The renovated building will open its doors as a modern, attractive and multifunctional space where both Šiauliai and city guests will find an aesthetic environment, interesting and quality events.

Šiauliai Culture Centre is located in in building built in 1962. Through the years there wasn’t much invested in renovating the building's infrastructure, so in 2016 the state of the building was so poor, that there were no longer conditions for high-quality activities, most of the spaces were unused. The unrepresentative building made Šiauliai residents feel dissatisfied and received sharp criticism.

Taking into account the problems, Šiauliai Culture Centre was included in the program, according to which the main Šiauliai city spaces and objects are being renewed. 2017 in September, construction work worth 4.12 million has begun and lasted for more than 2 years.

“Dissemination of culture - one of the main goals of Šiauliai Culture Centre - had become difficult to comprehend when there was no aesthetic culture left in the building. The renovation made by modern standards, will create conditions to provide quality and modern cultural services, to organize such activities, which due to the lack of space could not be organized or were carried out in unsuitable accommodation. We believe that the renovation of the building will be clearly visible and felt by visitors, and the pleasant work environment will inspire the employees of the Culture Centre to create exceptional cultural products. The renovation will allow Šiauliai Culture Centre to become an aesthetically pleasing and innovative space, which we hope will be an attractive and popular place for entertainment, recreation, meetings and communication,” says Deimantė Bačiulė, Director of Šiauliai Culture Centre.

Atnaujinta: 2020-08-10 11:39