The temporary art gallery of photographer Edvardas Tamošiūnas and sculptor Alvidas Paškauskas

The temporary art gallery at the Resurrection Square's observation building tells the history of Šiauliai, filled with symbols and the spirit of the past and the present. The narrators are the authors of this art exposition – photographer Edvardas Tamošiūnas and sculptor Alvidas Paškauskas.

The Resurrection Square's observation building
December 5–15
Free admission

Edvardas Tamošiūnas is a photographer who has actively integrated himself into the cultural life of Šiauliai, is a volunteer in various events, has helped to prepare several dozen photography exhibitions, is an artist and an exhibitor. Since childhood the artist has admired old photographs. After taking up photographing, he became interested not only in modern technologies, but also in old photographic techniques.

The exposition includes a part of the works of E. Tamošiūnas' first personal exhibition "was and is". In the photographs there are representative (and not only such) places of Šiauliai, which the artist photographed from a similar angle as had been taken by the master photographers during interwar or the early Soviet period. The author stands out with his chosen photographic technique. He photographed the city with an old (manufactured in 1907) wooden bellows camera (negative size 13x18 cm) and got very close to the methodology of the old master photographers.

Alvidas Paškauskas is an artist from Šiauliai, famous for his unique works, made from wood, metal and glass. A. Paškauskas has matured as unique artist, mastered various materials, created exceptional sculptural objects and complex installations. After working with stained glass for fifteen years, later he changed it for sculpture and learned the secrets of blacksmithing. The artist is an active participant in group exhibitions and creative plein air sessions, and he names creation as a driving force for improvement.

The exposition includes a part of the works of the artist's exhibition "Stigmata of Šimšė". Wood and stone in the hands of this artist take forms of a surreal world. Despite the hardness of the materials, the artist’s works are surprisingly expressive and vibrant.


Opening hours
Tuesday to Sunday: 12:00 to 17:00 

The number of people inside the building is limited.

In response to the Government’s recommendations, we kindly request to wear protective face masks, keep a safe distance, disinfect hands while being at the observation building.

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