The Christmas spirit has arrived to Šiauliai

The Christmas atmosphere has finally arrived to Šiauliai! Festively decorated spaces of the Resurrection Square and the main Christmas tree, which was secretly lit in order to avoid huge gatherings, are lifting the mood of Šiauliai residents and encourage the anticipation of the holidays. The illuminated decorations of the city not only gave the start for the Christmas period in Šiauliai, but also reminded the people that the city will really light up and the atmosphere will be created by various festive initiatives.

This year in Šiauliai the lighting of the main Christmas tree was different than usual. It was decided not to publish a specific time, therefore a large gathering of people was avoided. The decorated Christmas tree illuminated the city and Šiauliai residents will be able to see the filmed moment of its illumination in the Internet platforms.

The decoration of main Christmas tree for the third year in a row has been taken care by Šiauliai Culture Centre. Decorated with LED Christmas lights and more than 800 of Christmas decorations, this year's Christmas tree changes it‘s colour each day and will brighten the Resurrection Square until January 15.

The people of Šiauliai are also invited to visit the square near Šiauliai City Municipality, where they can admire traditional Nativity scene, which depicts the biblical event - the birth of Jesus Christ. The square is also illuminated by voluminous reproductions of frescoes created by the artist Giotto in the 13th century. The frescoes portray the life of Saint Francis of Assisi and create magical atmosphere at the square. The frescoes can also be viewed without leaving home. Free Locatify SmartGuide mobile app provides visual, audio and textual information that presents the content of each fresco, and allows the images to be viewed in chronological order.

Together with the illuminated square and the Christmas tree glowing with bright colours, this year's city motto #ŠiauliaiShines is perfectly reflected by other objects illuminated in the Resurrection Square.

However, the square is not only shining during the Christmas period. An observation deck is opened for people to visit, inside which can be seen the works of photographer Edvardas Tamošiūnas and sculptor Alvidas Paškauskas, which tell the history of Šiauliai city intertwined with the spirit and symbols of the past and present. At the top of the observation deck, Šiauliai residents can admire the wonderful panorama of the illuminated square.

Traditionally, there is also a Christmas post office in the square, where little ones can send a letter written to Santa Claus at home. Later, each child who provides their address will receive a response from Santa Claus.

During the Christmas period, Šiauliai residents are invited to join the Christmas decoration initiative which aims to create a Christmas atmosphere in the city and spread light, warmth and good mood to those around by decorating the windows of homes or workplaces with illuminated decorations and garlands. The idea is that the decorated windows would bring smiles to those who went for a walk on winter evenings, remind them of the joy of Christmas, and make them look forward to the holidays.

Šiauliai Culture Centre invites those who decide to participate in the initiative to take pictures or film their decoration process and share their ideas with others. The voting for the most beautiful decorations will take place on the Facebook account of Šiauliai Culture Centre, and the winners of the announced competition will be awarded.

Photos taken by Žaneta Bytautienė, Rasa Leišė, Ramunė Bernotaitė, Kęstutis Šaltis.

Atnaujinta: 2020-12-29 12:01